Without BigBang - Stationary Universe

The alleged BigBang is a theory that is based on a few features of the universe around us that can be explained in another way as you can see in the documents that are added. This is, for example, the effect of the redshift of the light from stelar objects, which is assumed result of a Doppler effect (like the sound of a car that moves away) but for which there are several theories of light-tired (an effect that would light interacting with various elements interstellar space) type.

On the other hand assume BigBang involves taking as true, bizarre concepts of physics that have been created ad hoc for the theory to be more consistent with what is apparently seen now; dark energy, inflation, etc. In addition there are objects in the universe that contradict that theory; excessively large clusters of galaxies for them to have time to form, visible interactions between objects that have different red shift (and therefore should be at different distances), etc.

Here this theory is criticized and generally all that talk for an expanding universe, the main reason is purely intuitive; my heart tells me that the BigBang and expansion nor existed nor exists. The second reason is a mental reasoning induced by other knowledge of philosophy and natural sciences that I have absorbed and that are inconsistent with the idea of ​​an expanding universe that dissolves into nothing (for me the universe is alive!) . The third reason is the type of data and information pointed above and that are discussed in the documents.